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The Lining is a gay, but straight-friendly, bar in Tapestries MUCK. Founded by Banner in October 1996, the bar was originally focused on BDSM, but, like its host, has diversified over time. The oldest parts of the bar - the two bars and a bathroom - are based on a bar of the same name in Floral Park, New York later replaced by a church.

In 1996 there were few places to go and hang out on Tapestries. At the time, the plaza tended to be overly crowded and was drawing a fair amount of twinks and obnoxious bashers of many people's personal preferences. The Lining was created as a place where such people could be easily removed.

Over the years the bar has expanded with a hottub section, pool, a rooftop bar, and several other attractions. The Lining contains many firsts for Tapestries, several of which have been copied repeatedly (like the non-consent room). It remains one of the most popular places on the MUCK, with over fifty people present on busy nights.

The bar is adult-themed, like the MUCK, and the owner/builder takes great pains to see that things run well, having hired a manager and several bouncers to deal with things when he can not be present. Discrimination against anyone due to their sexual preference is not tolerated, and various monitoring systems are in place to facilitate this. (more...)