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Andrea Brooks, also known as Banrai, has been in the furry fandom since 1995. She attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in 2002-3, where she met her husband, Kasan. She is a housewife and freelance artist, with a recent trend towards craft hats and tails.

Banrai lives in Black Mountain, NC and founded the NC Furs LiveJournal in 2003. She is also moderator of the conbadges monthly swap community, a co-moderator on Furbid Horrors, and founder of the otherkin community Alfandria on LiveJournal. Other than her draconic fursona, her characters include Augenti and Tias.

Banrai began drawing fellow artist Aido's characters in 1998. Over the next five years she assumed her muse's works, style and identity under a similar name, insisting that she was the real Aido. She wove these works into her own setting (later replaced), and claimed the art of a former roommate, among others. In November 2005, after being banned from Elfwood, suspended from the VCL, and losing close friends, she admitted to and apologized for her actions towards Aido. Since then she has acquired a better reputation through FurBid commissions, convention exposure and other art.

Banrai used to be active on Second Life as an events manager, DJ, builder, and SA W-Hat. She was on the first Furry Cruise, and has attended MFM and FWA. (more...)