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Trouble, image by Ironbadger.

Trouble's Tales (also known as Tanj's Tales) is a space-opera furotica series that has lasted over thirty stories, inspiring art and 'spinoff' stories. Kittiara is the author of the series, although she has collaborated with a co-author on a handful of the stories. The series began in 1997, and the most recent story and "final episode" was posted on 12 July 2005.

At the beginning of the series, the titular Trouble and the rest of the crew of a tramp freighter are railroaded by a corrupt government, with Trouble herself being sold to the Elysium Academy, a facility for training sex slaves. After enduring a long, harrowing and erotic ordeal, Trouble completes her training and is sold to her new master.

Although Trouble is technically a slave, her new master has given her a considerable amount of freedom - enough that, if she wished it, she could easily sell everyone out to the government for a hefty reward. However, she actually falls in love with her master, and forms deep relationships with the rest of her crewmates. One of the core themes of Trouble's Tales is the development of trust among core members of the team.

Many artists, including JonwI, Ironbadger, and Paul Pinewood, have drawn characters and scenes from the story. A few authors, including SMWolf, have written fan fiction using characters from Trouble's Tales. (more...)