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The Astonishing Treehouse of the Secret Moon (usually just The Treehouse or Secretmoon) is a fictional location in Tapestries MUCK. Founded by Lori'anne in mid-1999, it became well-known as a public area, and remains popular as of 2007. Its website is home to a few of the long-term residents, as well as a mature ageplay-themed oekaki.

The area's theme is that of a slightly magical treehouse, permanently lit by the moon. The treehouse proper contains a large playroom, as well as a well-appointed bathroom and observation deck. Higher branches hold secondary sleeping platforms, along with a watchtower, while the hollowed-out basement of the tree hides an underground ball-pit. Surrounding areas include a grassy glade, a lake and a secluded pool.

In late 2000 the Treehouse became the focus of conflict between then-owner Crassus and maintainer Ben Raccoon. Escalation of the conflict led to a suspension of control, as changes in MUCK rules had rendered the existing shared-character power structure illegal. Ben was given sole ownership of the region by Tapestries wizards a few months later, and remains in charge to this day.