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somewolf is a typical inhabitant of the eastern european woodlands. He has been seen on two legs and on four, likes to eat chinese food, writes poetry, and howls a lot. He is always on the search for a good dream.

somewolf is one of the organizers of HerbstCon and an active staff member of Eurofurence, where he is responsible for con-site security. He is also an active staff member of Mephit Mini Con as "Wolf in Charge". He denies persistent rumours of membership in the F.I.A.

Born as the son of a gypsy mother, somewolf grew up almost as any other kid and attended a regular school, subsequently gaining several diplomas in both technical and non-technical areas. Starting in the early 90s, somewolf became a trainer of so-called "problem horses", even running his own training stables together with a friend in northern Germany. He also worked as an engineer for a european oil company and as a volunteer fire fighter, later becoming a fire chief.

In 1999, after founding the German Wolf Association [1], somewolf moved to Minnesota, where he lived for almost three years and assisted with research and testing for the DoD. He also became involved in the International Wolf Center efforts to educate the public about wolves by running live wolf events, and worked as a staff member of Wolf Park with Lynn Rogers and David Mech, where he met furries like Jessica Willard and Uncle Kage.

Returning to Germany in 2002, somewolf lectured for the GWA, traveled the country and tried to get back into a "real" job. During this time he became a staff member of Eurofurence and FurCon e.V. He lived and worked for almost one and a half years at a tiger sanctuary south of Berlin (the Tigerranch), but decided to look for something with more of a future and is currently travelling again. (more...)