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FurryFaire is an online anthropomorphic MUCK focusing on role-playing in a world of knights and fantasy. The original server was founded on 26 May 1996 by Chetar, Mystique, Duelist, and Shiamat. From 2002 to late 2004, FurryFaire suffered a long period of downtime, languishing with very few active players, but it reopened on a new server in 2005 under the control of Tashiro and Snowpony.

FurryFaire is set in the mythical land of Kith Kanaan. Kith Kanaan is divided into a number of nations, each with a specific theme associated with them. The central region, and the primary role-playing area, is called the Shire Lands.

Across the land of Kith Kanaan various religions are embedded into the culture and many groups, both covert and open, espouse philosophies and training devoted to particular causes, including the Peacekeepers, Midnight Mage's Guild and the Crimson Paw. (more...)