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WikiFur templates organised by types of use.

For image licensing templates, see WikiFur:Templates/Image licensing.

Some of these templates are depreciated, or are better known by different names (e.g. {{dontvandalize}} is better known as {{dv}}).

[edit] General

[edit] Disambiguation

  • {{Dablink}} (talk | usage) Creates a hatnote from an article or section to a disambiguation page.
  • {{Details}} (talk | usage) Hatnote linking to an article containing more information on this topic.
  • {{Main}} (talk | usage) Hatnote linking to the main article for a section.

[edit] Titles

  • {{Lowercase}} (talk | usage) Makes the first letter in the page title lowercase, regardless of the namespace.

[edit] References and citations

  • {{Fact}} (talk | usage) The preceding statement requires a citation.
  • {{Clarify}} (talk | usage) The preceding statement requires more information/context.
  • {{Reflist}} (talk | usage) List of references. Depreciated: Use <references/>.
  • {{Who}} (talk | usage) The preceding statement doesn't clarify who it is talking about.

[edit] Categories

  • {{Birthyr}} (talk | usage) Shows people, characters and services born by decade.
  • {{Country}} (talk | usage) Links country category to relevant Wikipedia article.
  • {{Deathyr}} (talk | usage) Shows people, characters and services ceased by decade.

[edit] Featured content

  • {{FAC}} (talk | usage) This article is a featured article candidate.

[edit] Protection and exclusion

  • {{Protected-System}} (talk | usage) This page is protected as it contains important information that should not be changed.

[edit] Quotes

  • {{Q}} (talk | usage) Pullquote with optional citation.
  • {{Rquote}} (talk | usage) A pullquote that can be aligned in the left, right or center.

[edit] Tournament brackets

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • {{Current}} (talk | usage) This article concerns a current event, information is likely to change quickly.
  • {{IPA}} (talk | usage) Render text in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • {{To do}} (talk | usage) Lists pending changes to the current article.

[edit] Revision

  • {{Inuse}} (talk | usage) This article is actively undergoing a major short-term edit.

[edit] Cleanup and copyediting

  • {{Cleanup}} (talk | usage) This article needs to be edited to conform to WikiFur style rules.
  • {{Identity}} (talk | usage) This article doesn't provide enough information to discern the identity of the described.
  • {{Time}} (talk | usage) References to time in this article are too vague.
  • {{When}} (talk | usage) The preceding statement relating to time is too vague.
  • {{Wikify}} (talk | usage) This article needs to be formatted to fit WikiFur style rules.

[edit] Deletion and suitability

  • {{NPOV}} (talk | usage) This article does not have a neutral point of view.

[edit] Stubs

[edit] Merge and split

  • {{Split}} (talk | usage) Suggest this article should be split into multiple articles.

[edit] Images and media

For image licensing templates, see WikiFur:Templates/Image licensing.
  • {{Click}} (talk | usage) Superimposes an invisible link over an image, bypassing MediaWiki's default linking.
  • {{Filename}} (talk | usage) This image should be moved to or renamed with a meaningful filename.
  • {{Titled-click}} (talk | usage) Superimposes an invisible link over an image with a title attribute, bypassing MediaWiki's default media link.

[edit] Audio and video

[edit] Navboxes and infoboxes

[edit] Related content navboxes

  • {{Broadcasts}} (talk | usage) Radio, podcasts and video webcasts - with related hosting services.
  • {{Critic sites}} (talk | usage) Websites and groups that are critical of the furry fandom, including anti-furry websites.

[edit] Specialist navboxes

[edit] Ursa Major Award winners navboxes

[edit] Blank topic infoboxes

[edit] Linking

[edit] Within WikiFur

[edit] To users

  • {{IP}} (talk | usage) Displays information about a specific IP user.
  • {{U}} (talk | usage) Basic link to userpage, user talk page and contributions.
  • {{UT}} (talk | usage) Basic link to userpage and user talk page.
  • {{Unsigned}} (talk | usage) This registered editor neglected to sign their comment.
  • {{User}} (talk | usage) Link to userpage, user talk page, contributions, block settings and user logs.
  • {{User2}} (talk | usage) Link to userpage, user talk page, contributions and Wikipedia activity summary.

[edit] Outside WikiFur

[edit] Articles

[edit] Searches and tags

[edit] Users and profiles

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Ratings

[edit] Small buttons

[edit] Large buttons

[edit] Events

[edit] Conventions

[edit] Specific conventions

[edit] Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas

[edit] WikiProjects

[edit] Locations

[edit] Europe

[edit] Oceania

[edit] North America

[edit] Canada

[edit] United States of America

[edit] Users

[edit] Userpages

[edit] Userboxes

[edit] Conventions

[edit] Games

[edit] Websites

[edit] Entertainment

[edit] WikiFur

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] User talk

[edit] Welcome messages

[edit] New users
[edit] Anonymous users
  • {{Anon-ask}} (talk | usage) Welcomes an anonymous editor and questions relevance of recent edits.

[edit] Questions and advice

  • {{Anon-user}} (talk | usage) Asks an anonymous editor about edits to a userpage and mentions the user talk page.
  • {{Ask-cite}} (talk | usage) Asks an anonymous editor to provide sources for recent edits.
  • {{Cannot-use}} (talk | usage) Advises that recent contributions may not be appropriate for WikiFur.

[edit] Warnings, cautions and bans

  • {{Banned}} (talk | usage) This user is indefinitely banned from editing WikiFur.
  • {{Npa}} (talk | usage) Warn against making personal attacks against other users.

[edit] Templates

[edit] Template substitutions

  • {{!(}} (talk | usage) Outputs [ (opening square bracket).
  • {{)!}} (talk | usage) Outputs ] (closing square bracket).
  • {{*mp}} (talk | usage) Opening list item, for use in templates.
  • {{,}} (talk | usage) Outputs  · (interpunct with preceding space).

[edit] Template construction

[edit] Navbox construction

[edit] Succession box construction

[edit] WikiFur News infobox construction

[edit] Ambox construction

[edit] Infobox construction

[edit] Userbox construction

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] WikiFur

[edit] Mainpage

[edit] Community Central

[edit] WikiFur News

  • {{Publish}} (talk | usage) This news article is complete and has been published to WikiFur News.

[edit] News types

[edit] News infoboxes

[edit] Forum

[edit] Supporters

  • {{Supporter}} (talk | usage) These users have supported WikiFur through monetary donations.

[edit] Helpdesk

[edit] Policy

  • {{Proposed}} (talk | usage) This page is a proposed WikiFur policy, guideline or process.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • {{Stubs}} (talk | usage) List of stub categories, for display on category pages.
  • {{Subst}} (talk | usage) Substitues template links with the template code.
  • {{T}} (talk | usage) Formats and displays links to template tags with talk page and additional information.
  • {{Tl}} (talk | usage) Formats and displays links to template tags.
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