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This is a list of general templates that may be used where needed on any page.

Template Name Example Where to use



This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists pages that might otherwise share the same title. If an article link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page.

This template is to be put on any disambiguation pages after the list of alternate pages to remind users to update their links where needed.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

This template is to be put directly before any content in an article which would spoil the enjoyment of those who have not yet read or viewed the item being written about. Any content above a spoiler warning should inform without giving away the details listed below the spoiler line.
{{wrongtitle|title=Correct Title}}

Wrong Title

The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is Correct Title.
Due to technical limitations of the MediaWiki software, some titles are not allowed by the system. Instead, give the article a suitable name. For example, for an article about #furry, call it Furry (chat channel) and apply this title with the correct title inserted. Also use the correct title when refering to the item within its own article or on other articles.

Wrong Title

For use instead of Template:wrongtitle when only the first letter needs to be lowercase. Works regardless of the namespace. Does not change the real title of the article, so linking still works.
{{Wikipedia|Article Title}}

Wikipedia Quotation

This template is to be put at the bottom of any page which contains quoted text from Wikipedia. Replace Article Title in the template code with the name of the article on Wikipedia that was quoted from.
{{Wikipedia deleted|Article Title|Page history}}

Wikipedia Quotation (deleted/redirected article)

This template is to be put at the bottom of any page which contains quoted text from Wikipedia, where the original page has been deleted (and perhaps subsequently redirected). Replace Article Title in the template code with the name of the article on Wikipedia that was quoted from. If the history is not publicly available at Wikipedia, replace Page history with the name of a page with a copy of the deleted page's history, such as Article Title/Wikipedia page history. A Wikipedia administrator can give you this information.

Current On-going Event

This article contains information about a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.
This template is to be put near to the top of any page which contains information about something that is currently happening and has information which may be changing very quickly. A Furry example for the use of this would be articles about Furry Conventions as they happening.

In Use

This article is actively undergoing a major edit.
As a courtesy, please do not make edits to this article while this message is displayed, in order to avoid edit conflicts. If you need to know who is working on the article and when the edit session began, please check the edit history.

This template may be used if you want to make a big change to an article and not have other users make little edits while you are working, causing an Edit Conflict when you try to save. Place this template at the top of the page, put 'Marked In Use' in the Edit Summary and Save Changes before choosing to Edit again. Remember to remove it when you make your final save.
If you find this template on a page, check the page's edit history to see when it was applied. If it is over an hour old, its probably safe to remove and continue editing.


This person is a WikiFur user: WikiFur User
This template should be placed at the bottom of articles which are about people who are also editors and contributors to Wikifur. The field should be the username of the editor. (No 'User:' is needed.) Also, to link back from the user page, please place the ContributorU template on the editor's user page. It is listed here.
{{to do}}

To do list

Pending tasks for Templates/General Templates:

edit - history - watch - purge

WikiFur:Templates/General Templates/to do

This template is intended to be placed on various pages (such as talk pages, WikiProject pages, user pages...), where a brief list of what needs to be done would be helpful. Note that this template (copy-pasted from Wikipedia) has only recently been added to WikiFur, and as such may be slightly buggy, and the template may be tweaked or changed in the near future to adapt it to WikiFur.