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This page documents a guideline on WikiFur. It is a generally accepted standard followed by editors on this site, although occasional exceptions may apply. When making significant changes to this page, please make sure that your edits are consistent with consensus. When in doubt, any changes should first be proposed on the discussion page.

The article at the bare species name be about the species, with Template:Species at the top. That template reads:

This is an article about the species. For topics that share the name, see WikiFur:Species (disambiguation)

Articles about common species (species) in the article title to the non-disambiguated name and include the above template, with disambiguations pages at Name (disambiguation).

This guideline may not apply to uncommon species or breeds: see WikiFur talk:Species.


Discussion has occurred at Talk:Fox (disambiguation)/Archive1#Species (disambiguation) proposal, Talk:Skink, and WikiFur talk:Species.