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A shortcut is a redirect used for ease of use in getting to a certain page or section of a page; typically a page in the WikiFur: namespace, or a category.

On WikiFur, WF: can be used as an alias for the WikiFur: namespace. For example, the shortcuts to the right link to WikiFur:Trade and service marks.

Shortcut links should normally be provided with a "piped" description, as users may be unfamiliar with the meaning of a random acronym, or why you're using it in a particular circumstance.


When you create a shortcut to a page or section:

  • Make a redirect to the target, including {{R from shortcut}} after the redirect.
  • Use {{shortcuts}} on the target to note the shortcut(s) available (e.g. {{shortcuts|WF:TSM|WF:MARKS}}).

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