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Artist made by: Arufisu (for a birthday art made in — 10/16/2023 6:59 AM) <-- Please do not get the User involved

The Origin Of Aru/ Aru Lore[edit]

Aru Kazaru Mihu Originally form designed as a Kemono Wolf with two tails. she refused as Asexual she was a lone wolf and protecting herself She was made in 2018 before she was a Wolf hybrid Shark in the Earliest 2022

Aru She is a Japanese Kemono Wolf Hybrid with 4 ears ~Shark ears that are made of rock (She is used for Long distance hearing) ~Wolf Ears for Regular hearing

She has Two Different Pupil sights ~Light Blue Resembles That she is underwater ~Black To See Normal Objects

Her face and her half of her body is light blue. Normal Blue with three stripes (2 are next to the eye and one at the top of her head) She has a pink nose and a white for snout. She has white 2 Stripes on each of her legs and her arm At her chest, she has a White part of the body (from the snout) side of her hips. She has 3 white stripes on it.

Aru's Tail is 2x larger, but without fins or any extra it's all cover up with blue. at the end she has two tail that are attached on each side but it's a wolf tail with white stuff at the end.

She wears Clothes. Such as: a Black Yoga Crop Top and Jeans Shorts

Victoria Kazaru took Aru to a beach Aru first time swimming but after the shark bite

Max was making a serious invention of Sharks A tiger shark and a Megalodon After that, he drops a potion for the bite to evolve again Max drops the potion by accident and got infected by the shark. The shark was roaring and getting crazy and managed to escape out of the sea lab system The shark was free and But Aru's Arm but the Aru's blood didn't appear. And the shark died after the bite incident Around 8 pm the night Aru was cover herself with a lot of blankets When she was asleep by now But the morning went differently Bolt (Aru's Dad) went to check on him and having a worrying season about hibernation while winter 2 weeks later Now she became powerful as a hybrid shark and wolf

The Final Part

A Suspersly guy she meet a man named "Roman" and she purchased one of his lemonades the end

it's a human??? or a species i do not know Said Aru


The design of Old Aru it's similar to someone fursona Name Ruru with permission

Anthro Spectrobes Series[edit]

Old Aru was basically aggressive Towards a Max because of a single Notebook that was written of a Anthro Rat name "Eric" (Which is the Bully of Aru) Old Aru will not be playable in the Spectrobes 1 game. for Spectrobes BTP and Origin You must Complete The game in order unlock old aru and a Secret File game Call "Ymheom". Hybrid Aru is a Overpowered Character in Spectrobes Origin due to the many abilities She has. Such as: Health Regeneration, Shapeshifting into a Spectrobe, Eating Krawls, Tail Wrap or Whip, Fire Resistance, Glide, biting to make the Krawl Paralyze. iF you bring Hybrid Aru. you only need One Partner and one Anthro Spectrobe per battle. She will be used at ManaHot




Aru Shoots Water, Ice, and Sapphire. But if she managed to hit it directly to your face. Your brain will contain the anger. And you try to hit her YOU MISS! Aru's Shark Ears (They are called Solid Ears) to hit the opponent there is a 50% chance that you will lose your memory and the dizziness you got from her. The Tooth of Aru can be a little risky She can bite you without the mark, but your heart might expand and be unable to move and you have to stay you.

Aru's Tail allows it to smack and swing at other Opponents with a 100% Crits Rate. Causing a chance to lose your life. whenever she grabs you. she is not hurting you she will grab your arm to cool down. if you're threatening her to die she will make a chance of her attacking to lose of your sanity and if you faint, she has to call the cops and tell them the real reasons why she did it.

Weakness Her Weakness is Cold and low temperature causing her a headache and 60% of her death. if she is cold and you need to save her. She needed to be in Hibernation for at least 1 month to fully awaken


She can contain happy, but suddenly if you made her angry she will make a Ballistic. Sometimes she can be sad all the time if she wants to apologize you from the anger she put up with it and move. Aru can have fears and risks.

The Aritst Who created Aru[edit]