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New Furries[edit]

The new furries are a name given to the furries that have poured into the furry fandom around 2013 - 2014. They are known to be a younger group that has been known to help improve the furry fandom through various means.

Many of them have generally come about mainly due to the increase in tolerance to subcultures, as well as the Brony Fandom. Many of them have also come about from the Warriors (eeewwww) fandom, and Five Nights At Freddy's.

They are said to have helped the fandom become more popular, simply by being in it. Although some of them don't really consider themselves "furry", many of them actually do fit the definition.

A lot of girls have come into the fandom thanks to them, but most of them are Feral Furs. Check out this link

Attributes of the New Furries[edit]

  • Around the age of 15 - 19.
  • A higher tendency to be female, and not just pretend to be online.
  • Much more clean cut, bathes more often.
  • Very few creepers, or neckbeards.
  • Millennials.
  • More healthy, thanks to improvements in health education and food quality in their lifetimes.
  • Having grown up in the digital age, and having grown up with the internet fandom, many new furries tend to have more knowledge about how to deal with trolls, thus, making them less susceptible to torment.
  • Are very well aware of the furry stereotypes, and work to dispel them simply by being awesome.
  • Have a presence in chatrooms and creates minimal drama. IE. F4L chat
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