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WikiFur contributors start 2000th article[edit]

Today WikiFur - the furry encyclopedia - celebrated the creation of its 2000th article. Founded on 24 July, WikiFur has quickly become one of the most comprehensive sites for furry information on the net, with over 350,000 words of content. More than 23,000 edits have been made since its inception. It remains freely editable by all.

In the last three months, over 150 contributors from around the world have come together to write about their fandom. Guided by the principles of neutral writing set down by Wikipedia, they have created a website that even those critical of the fandom can respect:

"I first cringed at the thought of a furry wikipedia roaming on the net.", commented Nothingkat. "I figured it to be a rather one-sided "don't talk about the bad, only use it as a propaganda site to make furries look good" website. What I found it to be instead was a rather well done unbiased encyclopedia on the fandom."

WikiFur covers the entire spectrum of furry culture and community, from comics and anthropomorphic artwork to multiplayer worlds, fanzines and other publications, television programs and people. In many cases, details are contributed by those directly involved in the topic.

WikiFur is maintained by its administrators, who include prominent convention organizers, artists, writers, and other furry fans. Their duties are shared by every user - to make good contributions to new and existing articles, protect the site from vandalism, and uphold the principles of fair and unbiased writing.


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