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Rascally raccoons paint WikiFur pink![edit]

Note found at the scene of the crime

I should have known there would be a down side to the great time I had at MFF! I had just come back from watching the latest episode of The Apprentice when I found that the entire site had been painted pink! Seems a family of raccoons snuck home in my luggage, hidden in the laundry bag (no wonder it smelt so bad . . .). Once I was gone, they had the computer to themselves. I guess we should be glad they didn't do anything worse.

This obviously wasn't just some random act of vandalism, though - they must have hidden out in my closet for over a fortnight, just waiting for the right moment to spring this attack. Those raccoons were working for someone. How do I know? They left a note! I'm not yet sure exactly who the criminal mastermind is behind this, but whoever and wherever this mysterious "Babs" is, they've got a lot of explaining to do.

Never fear, though - I got back before they could do too much damage, so it shouldn't take more than a day or so to get things back to normal. Until then . . . well, I hope you like pink! --GreenReaper(talk) 07:44, 9 Dec 2005 (UTC)