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This page is a proposed WikiFur policy, guideline, or process. The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

The following is a list of Wikifurries (contributors to WikiFur by whatever means) who have died, including policy on said Wikifurries. The WikiFur projects almost invariably offer our condolences to the family, friends and associates (both in close and long distance) of deceased contributors to the encyclopedia, and kindly ask for respect of such individuals during times of bereavement.


Biographical articles[edit]

After the event of an editor's death, the user's information as included in a biographical article concerning the editor is no longer considered as posing a threat of potential violation of the privacy of the editor, but WikiFur requires a restriction of submitted edits to the article to accurate information regarding the personality of the editor in life. Personal information regarding living individuals who interacted with or were related to the deceased can be removed and replaced with less-explicit descriptions.

We do not exclude family and associates of the deceased from contributing to the biographical article, but we respectfully ask that those individuals register usernames (an optional action) and to abide by the rules and policy of the WikiFur project. Family and associates of the deceased do not reserve the right to demand exclusion of information pertinent to the deceased from the biographical article, but requests can be considered by the consensus of the curators of the project; blanking of an entire biographical article concerning the deceased is usually not permitted as an option.

User pages[edit]

As such editors are, by extension, no longer able to contribute in any way, shape or form to any WikiFur-affiliated project, their user pages are expected to remain as their respective users last revised it (except for posthumous information notifying visitors of the users' current statuses).

User talk pages[edit]

As much as WikiFur's curators are considerate of the need for friends, associates and relatives of the deceased to express their public sympathies, we also kindly ask that user talk pages be used for a minimum of such expressions (unless the user was, in life, primarily accessible via the user's talk page), and that condolences, if possible, be offered on other channels of communication which are more accessible to family, friends and associates alike, i.e., social networking service profile pages.

Law enforcement[edit]

In the unfortunate scenario that a contributor has died due to an accidental or intentional self-inflicted mortal wound or a violent crime committed by the contributor, the WikiFur curators are expected to comply with the relevant law enforcement agencies' request(s) for information regarding the contributor's involvement with WikiFur.

List of deceased WikiFurries[edit]

Michael Bard[edit]

Michael Bard was a Canadian writer who wrote a wide variety of stories within the transformation fiction genre; his fursona was a centaur. He registered his username on the English WikiFur on September 10, 2009, mostly contributing to the article on the then-upcoming inaugural iteration of Furnal Equinox, where he served as staff. A week after the convention ended, he suffered a catastrophic aneurysm at his job, and was taken to a nearby Toronto medical center, where he died on March 19, 2010.


KuzeTheLion was a California-based artist. He registered his username on or around the time of 16 August 2007, and submitted a picture of his fursona and the creation of his biographical article during his entire time as a Wikifurry. He died on August 5, 2010 at the age of 19.