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Presentation draft[edit]

What's WikiFur?

  • Wiki - user-editable website with almost 8000 articles
  • Place for neutral information both unique and relevant to the fandom
  • Comics, conventions, people, websites, novels, characters, MUCKs...
  • Contains most things furry you'd think of looking up, and lots you wouldn't
  • If WikiFur doesn't have it, we probably link to it
  • Free content - all site text and many images under GFDL


  • Founded July 2005
  • 1000 articles within a month of the first content, 2500 by end of year
  • 4400 on its first birthday

Why WikiFur?

  • Preserving history - too many things forgotten over time
  • Method of connecting new furries to relevant groups and websites
  • Somewhere to go to share or learn the latest information
  • No site quite like it at the time
  • GreenReaper wanted to learn more but didn't want to spend time looking ;-)

Why not (just) Wikipedia?

  • Because Wikipedia doesn't want to cover "original research"
  • Facts liable to be deleted unless written in a newspaper or a book
  • Websites don't (usually) count as references - anyone can make one
  • Result: Majority of furry topics deemed "not notable" - even Midwest FurFest!
  • Wikipedia still has a role to play: a general introduction to the fandom

Who contributes to WikiFur?

  • Everyone!
  • Over 1,300 registered users plus anonymous editors
  • Representatives from just about every convention
  • Artists, writers, but most of all regular fans
  • You don't have to register or use a fan name to edit, though it helps

Who runs WikiFur?

  • Everyone!
  • Consensual decision-making - discussion (talk) pages are important
  • In practice: people who contribute most become administrators
  • They get the work nobody else wants to do
  • Most important job: Helping everyone else to achieve consensus
  • Second most important job: Watching for, blocking and reverting vandals
  • Administrators are there to help, but it's not their job to decide who's right
  • That said . . . if they all think you're wrong, you probably are

Why do people contribute to WikiFur?

  • To help their fellow furs
  • To better-describe the fandom to the public
  • To record history for posterity
  • To show off their artwork
  • To promote (or discredit) their group, activity, a friend, or themselves
  • Because they love to organize information
  • Because they don't have anything better to do on Friday night. ;-)

Of course, WikiFur isn't perfect:

  • Articles are of variable quality - some are great, others just stubs
  • Vandals, while ineffectual, still drop by now and again
  • People sometimes edit pages out of spite or promotional gain
  • This is OK as long as it's adding facts, as tone can be edited out
  • It's hard to know the truth; references aren't always easy to come by
  • Still, like Wikipedia, it keeps getting gets bigger and better over time

Personal exclusion

  • Reasoning: WikiFur is there to serve furry fans, not to hurt them
  • Results in blanking and protection of the page about a person
  • May not be required; removing things like real names and addresses is fine
  • Applies only to articles about people, not (say) their comics
  • Subject to approval: if consensus says it's in the public interest, it stays
  • A relatively minor sacrifice to avoid a lot of hassle and bad feeling

How to edit (1)

  • Pick a page, click edit! No login required for most pages.
  • The wiki language is a lot like forum or HTML
  • Link with double square brackets. Put a pipe after the name for display text
  • External links have square bracket, link, text, close bracket
  • Italics with two surrounding quotes, bold text with three
  • Register to upload image. Usage: [[Image:A.jpg|right|thumb|200px|description]]
  • You can use HTML
    and too, though some style is restricted
  • If in doubt, find some other page that does what you want and copy it

How to edit (2)

  • To make a new page, link to it from an existing page, or change the URL
  • If a page name is wrong, move it (you must be registered for a few days)
  • Two things with the same name? Move to e.g. Skunk (comic book), Skunk (person)
  • You can make tables with HTML, but there is also a wiki syntax - see main page

Writing good articles

  • Write in the third person, like any other encyclopedia
  • Include all relevant points of view, and say who holds them
  • Don't make it sound like WikiFur holds an opinon - only people hold opinons
  • Think like a news writer and a historian - what are the most important facts?
  • If a source holds useful but extensive detail, reference and summarise it
  • Use internal links for keywords, once per page, even if they don't exist yet
  • At the end: add a moderate number of relevant, useful external links

Working with others

  • You don't own articles, even if they are about you or your projects
  • WikiFur reflects the opinons of everyone, and so should its articles
  • Try to incorporate other people's edits within your own rather than reverting
  • Get to the facts, then figure out language that is acceptable to everyone
  • If there is a problem, bring it up on the discussion page or user talk pages
  • If you cannot solve your differences, ask for others to help
  • Assume good faith and things will go much more smoothly! :-)

Looking forward

  • More languages - French exists, Czech added, German in process
  • Partnered with existing Finnish TurriWiki
  • WikiFur News - better than trawling through LiveJournals or newsletters
  • Plenty of room for new ideas and expansion, the fandom is growing >10% a year
  • Should reach the original target of 10,000 pages within a year
  • You're welcome to help us get there!

Any questions

  • WikiFur's LiveJournal
  • Confidential: can contact admins through the link on the main page
  • Or ask right now!