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Furfire is a furry web comic by Angela Beaman, otherwise known as Silverfox Relahstar. The comic is separated into many arcs of variable length, and is updated on a weekly basis.

The Furfire crew stick together - no matter what!

Furfire originates from a story Angela wrote in the early 1990s named The Twilight Magic Project. She put the project on hold for a while as she experimented with Furcadia, which eventually led her back to the project with renewed interest. Angela added the concept of "furmentials" and their powers over the elements and rechristened the project Furfire. In 2002, Terry Bailey joined as a scriptwriter.

The story begins in the city of Talla'doon. Three races populate the world of Furfire: Humans, faffurs (anthropomorphic animals), and furmentials (faffurs with magical elemental powers). Later, due to a strange incident at an ancient temple, the story shifts to the world of the past. (more...)