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Liska often causes her own problems

Tails From the Mynarski Forest is a webcomic by Richard T. Matheson, centering on Skippy, a twitchy but good-natured cottontail rabbit, and his sociopathic red vixen denmate Liska. It debuted on 20 May 1997 and is updated weekly. Older strips, which went by the name Skippy and Liska, were also mirrored on Yerf.

Liska's character was originally inspired by the character Liska Bystrouska (Czech for "Vixen Sharp-ears") from Rudolph Tesnohlidek's novel The Cunning Little Vixen. Much like her Czech counterpart, the Liska of the comic is crude, brutish, and often tactless. She is also a terrible hunter and has learned to subsist on roadkill and discarded human food, her favorite food being gophers. (comic - more...)