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Jack hovering over Tet and Trixi

Jack (webcomic) is created by David Hopkins and debuted on 1 March 2001. It has an overall storyline based around Hell, sin, and redemption, woven into individual story arcs. The comic varies between black and white and color presentation, and centers around decidedly mature themes.

Jack prominently features Hell and its Seven Sins, but also Heaven, as well as angels. The two forces do not fight each other much - for the most part they appear to work together without any major problems, although this may be due to the focus on Jack, a rather ragged green rabbit in rags, the most amenable of the Sins.

On occasion, strips are published which pertain to real world events, like the Angry Brian story arc which depicted events similar to those of the horrific Columbine High School Massacre, and which sparked heavy feedback, earning the comic a large reader base. Other features of the comic include the appearance of real places like the former World Trade Center.

The comic can be morbid, but it has its tender moments and optimistic highlights. Not all the characters of the comic are doomed to Hell for eternity. They all have a chance to eventually live on earth again as a test to see if they have "learned" from their previous life's mistakes; if so, they are admitted to heaven.