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Furrlough #118 (cover art by Phil Morrissey).

Furrlough is an anthology comic specializing in anthropomorphic adventure, currently published by Radio Comix. It holds the honor of being one of the longest-running anthologies in the American comic industry, independent or otherwise, and has maintained its monthly publication schedule faithfully since 1993.

Originally released by Antarctic Press in November 1991 with the intent of specializing in military tales of an anthropomorphic nature, the focus of the book slowly shifted to "military and adventure" and eventually just "adventure", as the tone of submissions to the anthology likewise shifted. Although Antarctic's founder Ben Dunn launched the title as its editor, the company's needs compelled him to pass the role on to the contributing duo of Shon Howell and Brian Sutton, who acted as co-editors from issues #2 - #17.

Elin Winkler took over editing with issue #18, with Furrlough running for a total of 51 issues at Antarctic Press. At that time, AP's success in promoting non-anthro comic titles such as Warrior Nun Areala prompted the company to reinvest its resources in an attempt to concentrate more effort behind its breakout titles. The anthro comics, which sold at a small but steady profit, were cut loose in order to make the necessary capital available.

Ms. Winkler (along with a number of other pro-anthropomorphism stalwarts) immediately founded Radio Comix, which took these discarded titles, including Furrlough, under its wing. The reliable profitability of these titles, however small it might be from month to month, allowed Radio to remain solvent and build its fortunes at a steady pace. Furrlough has since surpassed issue #150, recently celebrating its 14th anniversary edition. (more...)