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Viana finds herself roped into another convention

Deer Me is a roommates/slice-of-life webcomic by Sheryl Schopfer. Introduced on 21 November 2003, it was updated sporadically for the first year or so, but eventually fell into a fairly regular weekly update schedule.

Main characters include:

  • Viana Doesulen, a white-tailed deer and resident grouch who always seems to find herself in the most outrageous situations at work.
  • Velvet Hairyson, a horse who can be cheerful to the point of irritation, somehow managing to stay carefree while also being very intelligent.
  • Thomas Millwood, another deer who, while normally an easy-going guy, has a hidden violent streak that shows itself on rare occasions.
  • Woola Ramson, sheep and faithful friend to Viana, always there to make her friend laugh or just offer a shoulder to lean on. (more... - comic)