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Cover of the 1st comic strip collection book

The Suburban Jungle was a webcomic written and drawn by John "The Gneech" Robey and colored by K. "Hikaru" Dickinson. It is set in a fictional urban community and centers around the life of its star, Tiffany Tiger (a model/TV personality), and her circle of friends and associates. Among the numerous other characters appearing in the strip are her roommate Yin the Panda, her boyfriend Leonard Lion (owner of The Watering Hole, a frequent setting), and Dover Cheetah, a computer nerd who tries to woo Tiffany but eventually marries her sister, Comfort, and Drezzer Wolf, Tiffany's agent.

The world of The Suburban Jungle is like our own, but solely populated by anthropomorphic animals. Predation (in the style of Kevin and Kell) exists, but with many laws, written and moral, concerning where and when a kill may be made. The Suburban Jungle was first published online 1 February 1999, and ended its run on November 6, 2009. The full archive is available on the web. Four books have been published by Plan Nine Publishing.
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