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Atomic Mouse #1 by Al Fago (1953)
SFA Spotlight #11: Atomic Mouse (2001)

Atomic Mouse is a pioneer of the funny animal comic genre that first appeared in March 1953 and continued for 54 issues through June 1963. The creation of the series is credited to cartoonist Al Fago, but his brother Vince Fago invented the character and did many of the stories. Atomic Mouse was the first and most successful superhero series from Charlton Comics, running into the 1960's with original material and occasional reprinted runs thereafter into the 1970's.

Atomic Mouse was briefly reprinted in the '80s by the American Comics Group, and saw a revival through Shanda Fantasy Arts, first appearing in SFA Spotlight #11 in May 2001, and getting his own series in September 2001. Vince Fago, the creator and original artist, gave his blessing and even contributed some art for the new version. The new comics juxtaposed reprints of Vince Fago's original series with all-new stories and art in which Atomic Mouse is "transported" from the classic comics into modern-day "reality" to protect the city of Rodentia. The series is currently on hiatus.

In the original comic, Atomic Mouse protected the citizens of Mouseville from the evil Count Gatto and his sidekick Shadow with the help of superpowers gained from U-235 pills developed by Professor Invento. In the new series, a planet of funny animals is threatened by a meteor and Professor LaSerne creates a machine that brings images to life, placing an Atomic Mouse comic in front of it. Atomic Mouse subsequently goes to the publishers of the comic, and they provide him a home and headquarters from which he protects the city of Rodentia from such villians as the Mustard King, Professor Pizarro and Super Rat. (more...)