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Lacunae, the Book of Missing Spaces (usually just Lacunae) is a furry comic by artist Silverblue about a near-future post-disease Australia inhabited by both Changelings (the diseased) and Purebloods (the clean). The strip began on February 1st, 2002, and continues through the present, although there was a long gap of three years in between. The author is currently updating it between one and three times a week.

The comic centers around a group of antagonists (Crimson's Haemophage Pack) and protagonists (the Changeling Control Division of Saint Kilda). A third group, the owners and inhabitants of the Hotel Nevertel, appears to maintain a neutral stomping ground for a mixture of Changelings and Purebloods.

Crimson's pack are a group of blood drinking Changelings, called Haemophages, which are murderous and half mad. While not entirely evil, they often commit atrocious acts, unable to control their appetites. By comparison, the CCD is a highly controlled group of Purebloods and Changelings who work to try and bring peace to both Changeling and Pureblood communities. While there are chemical suppressants which can enable a Changeling to be non-infectious and suppress their darker sides, the drugs have painful and occasionally terminal side effects. The issue of how to humanely handle Changelings is a difficult one in the Lacunae world, and has been solved variously through execution, gulags, drug regimes, or counseling. At the moment, no clear solution is present.

So far, Hawthorn of the CCD has become involved with Silverblue of Crimson's pack, interfering in her attempt to 'rescue' an ex-pack member on suppressants who was in hospital dying of an aggressive cancer. Rather than allow her to 'infect' the dying patient again, Hawthorn shot her with a living bullet. Silverblue has since run into the Commeddia, strange mask wearing creatures who removed the burrowing bullet. (more... - comic (mature audiences) )