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Sabrina's boss Zig Zag congratulates her on a masterful piece of social engineering

Sabrina Online is one of the best-known furry comics, with over 350 strips produced by artist Eric W. Schwartz since September 1996. The comic follows the life of a skunkette named Sabrina, a computer geek who works at the Double Z pornography studio as a graphics designer.

Despite her workplace, Sabrina is shy, and does not get involved in the videos outside of making the VHS and DVD covers, no matter how much her employer Zig Zag may wish otherwise. She's 22 years old, has a raccoon boyfriend (R.C. Raccoon), and conservative parents, as well as a considerably younger sister named Tabitha.

The comic has given birth to several fan projects in the 'SabrinaVerse', including Sabrina Online: The Story and the Sabrina Online Radio Play. Updates typically come as four black-and-white strips at the beginning of each month. (more... - comic)