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Trace and Flora share a quiet moment

TwoKinds is a webcomic created by Tom Fischbach, following the adventures of Trace Legacy and his companions, Flora and Keith. It has run since 22 October 2003, and updates three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The world of TwoKinds is made up of at least three races: humans, Keidran and Basitin. The latter two races are "furry", with the Keidran having at least three clans - tiger, wolf, and fox. The three races have various levels of animosity toward each other; most humans and Keidran have a good deal of contempt and hatred for the other race, and some Keidran have been shown as slaves to humans.

The main characters, especially Trace, appear to be pawns in the games of the demi-gods who created the races. The fact that Trace and Flora have fallen in love seems to have put a crimp in some of their plans; others are to be determined. [more... - comic]