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Better Days is a comedy/drama comic written by Jay Naylor. The strip began on April 18, 2003 and continues through the present. It is updated twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays.

Fisk and Elizabeth

Better Days is about Fisk and Lucy Black, two fraternal twin siblings growing up in the U.S. state of Georgia, and their mother, Sheila. All of the Blacks are cats. The comic is divided up into "chapters" (story arcs) of varying length, each one portraying a significant and sometimes difficult episode in the life of the Blacks. Fisk and Lucy are also seen in Badly Drawn Kitties by Mat Sherer.

The comic is known for its conservative outlook, as well as for featuring controversial and sensitive issues such as incest, the Vietnam war, racial issues (Jews are represented as mice, African-Americans as hyenas), rape, and sexual abuse. There is profanity and some violence, but the comic is not sexually explicit. (more... - comic)