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Minos surprises Mora with a kiss

Las Lindas is a webcomic created by Chalo in El Salvador, partially written and hosted by SoulKat in California, with assistance and additional writing by ID_Fox in Kentucky. This unlikely team has provided Las Lindas on a weekly update schedule with one full color page (recently upgraded to two) per week. Las Lindas began on 6 September 2004, and has continued through 85 comics.

Las Lindas is focused around a cow, Mora Linda, who has recently inherited her father's farm and homestead. In honor of her parent's passing, she decides that she must continue the family business of traditional farming on the now antiquated and dilapidated Las Lindas vegetable farm. Mora is strong-willed, blunt, and independent, but she is quickly overwhelmed by the work and is confronted with the challenge of building a team of workers to help her with the farm by non-traditional means. (more... - comic)