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The Over The Hedge comic strip is the work of Michael Fry and T. Lewis. Fry is the writer, Lewis is the artist. They first worked together in 1992 on Mickey Mouse comic strips. Each has had success on their own, with Fry as a screenwriter and Lewis illustrating children's books. They live in separate parts of the United States, collaborating electronically on the strip. The strip first appeared in 1995. Four book collections have been published: Over The Hedge, Over The Hedge 2, Knights Of The Picnic Table, and Stuffed Animals.

The strips are not afraid to tackle difficult subject matter. Everything from celebrity worship to stem cell research has appeared. In 1998, a series of strips had the characters considering the origin of humanity and the likelihood of reincarnation. The strips were awarded the Religious Communicators Council’s 1998 Wilbur Award for "excellence in the communication of religious issues, values and themes." (comic - more...)