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Phenix, one of the Extinctioners

Extinctioners is a science fiction, action and adventure comic book that follows in the superhero genre, but uses anthropomorphic animals as its main characters. Written and drawn by Shawntae Howard, its original release in 1998 was by the independent comic book company Vision Comics. After a year of hiatus it was picked up by Shanda Fantasy Arts, which publishes it quarterly. There have been a total of 16 issues and 3 annuals as of February 2006.

Extinctioners follows a group of characters on the planet Alden, who learn that they are hybrids possessing special powers, and that their creators are on their way back to their planet with plans of taking over. The humanoid animals (or humanimals) were genetic constructs created by humans. A miscalculation in a wormhole's temporal properties caused the humans to lose contact with the humanimals, leaving them alone on the planet for years.

Without direct guidance, the humanimals developed on their own and would eventually create a social structure suitable for their vastly diverse races. Now with the memory of mankind vague in the social conscious, humans, or The Makers, have been elevated to an virtual deity status among much of the humanimal population. The humans, however, are still on their way to Alden, and the Extinctioners are the only ones that know that they are coming. (more... - comic)