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The Mink is a long running action/adventure story created by Kjartan "Karno" Arnorsson that ran in the pages of Genus and Savage Funnies for nearly a decade.

The story centers primarily around Laura, better-known as the magically adept and exceedingly well-endowed superheroine "The Mink". Once a gawky, unimpressive teenager, Laura finds a grimoire of exceptional power, abandons her studies, and throws herself head-first into learning magic, finding that she had an amazing talent for spellcraft. Now well over six feet tall, exceptionally strong, and with a body that no man could resist, The Mink set about to being a far stronger woman than she had ever been as "Little Laura".

The Mink ran as a serial-format story, beginning in the original issue of Genus in 1994 with The Mink saving her old friend Shelly from an alleyway mugger. When Genus changed to "adults only" after issue #4, the flavour of the story changed dramatically. No longer bound to a "soft R" rating, Karno was free to include quite a bit of violence and his trademark over-the-top sex.

After the twenty-third entry of the serial, the curtain unofficially closed on The Mink. While Karno has not stated that the story is over as it stands, there have been no new chapters in a number of years. (more...)