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Moses Chews: Approved by the NRA

West Corner Of the Park is a comic based around the denizens of FurryMUCK, although it often comments on issues of interest to the wider furry community. It has been drawn on a weekly basis by Jim Groat since July 1997, and coloured by Cuprohastes since July 2003.

The name of the strip is derived from FurryMUCK - the real West Corner of The Park is the centre of the FurryMUCK universe, being the place where new characters emerge from (under the bandstand), and is generally the focal point of much of the MUCK's activity.

The many running gags at WCotP include:

The strip usually takes a break the week during and sometimes before a convention attended by Groat, followed by the previous weekend's public art jam before new strips resume. The deaths of prominent artists and entertainers are also noted in strips. (comic - more)