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Vinci doesn't like needles

Vinci & Arty is written by Candy L. Dewalt and Ryan Dewalt, and primarily drawn by Candy with occasional guest comic strips illustrated by various artists. The comic features the daily life of Artisan P. Sunspot (Arty), a Yumar with a craving for Krispy Kreme donuts, and Richard Nicolaides (Vinci), an anthropomorphic raccoon attracted to "shinees". It is published every Tuesday.

The central events of the comic are parallels to the real life of the authors and the strip is usually in black and white. Although the title characters form a gay couple, much of their interaction is almost indistinguishable from a heterosexual couple.

Vinci & Arty was first published in February of 2003. In November of 2005, Vinci & Arty introduced the AskArty Show, an Internet radio program that was broadcast until recently every Wednesday through the LT3M website. The show is offline due to scheduling matters, but has not been wholly abandoned. (comic - more...)