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Gold Digger #1

Gold Digger is an manga-like action/adventure/fantasy/science fiction comic book written and drawn by Fred Perry, and published by Antarctic Press. Originally appearing as a series of serialized, 4-page short story segments in the pages of Mangazine #11-14 in 1992, it featured the high-adventure hijinks of Gina Diggers and her adopted were-cheetah sister Britanny.

Fred turned the story into a four-issue Gold Digger miniseries published in 1992 and 1993, and though sales were fairly low (barely over a thousand copies for each issue), he continued the comic as a bi-monthly black and white comic book series beginning in 1993. This series ran through 50 issues, and led to to a color series with over 81 issues as of January 2007, as well as numerous annuals, specials and miniseries. (more - website)