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Circles vol. 1 (issues #0-4). Left to right, top to bottom: Douglas, Marty, Taye, Paulie, Arthur, Ken.

Circles is a gay-themed slice-of-life comic written by Stephen Domanski and Andrew French, with art by K-9.

The comic deals primarily with six characters inhabiting a house at the fictional address of 6 Kinsey Circle (a pun on the Kinsey scale, where a rating of six means that the subject is exclusively homosexual). The first four issues focus on Marty and his way out of the closet and towards his first love, while later issues develop the other characters.

The setting is Boston, in the early years of the 21st century. The first issue is dated Spring 2001, and each issue corresponds to one season of time, so the latest issue as of this writing, issue #7, is Fall 2002.

Circles is published by Rabbit Valley and is available through their website. There are seven issues of the comic as of January 2008, and one anthology collecting the first four issues. (more...)