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The Bohemians

The Bohemians has been authored and drawn by Sophie Cabra since August 2004. Inspired by the Broadway musical RENT, the web comic deals with many of the same social issues as the musical, including (but not limited to) poverty, LGBT and HIV, and the main characters are intended to be examples of Bohemianism.

Just like RENT, the comic is set in Alphabet City, Manhattan, but the time setting is the present day (mid-2000s). As such, it's unlikely the main characters have the same 11th St. and Avenue A address as the main characters of the musical, since Avenue A has been redeveloped since the musical's time setting.

The comic's setting is unique in that species tends to be connected to gender - all males are canine and all females are feline. There is also a distinction made between Wild and Domesticated canines and felines, and species tension similar to real-world racial tension is hinted at, including mild violence and language. (more... - comic)