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Florence and Sam

Freefall is written and drawn by Mark Stanley and hosted at Purrsia. It is updated three times a week, and celebrated its thousandth strip in August 2004. It is in black and white, but the first 388 strips are also available in fan-colored versions.

Freefall is a humorous science fiction story detailing the misadventures of the starship Savage Chicken and its crew: Sam Starfall, a lovable alien con artist; Helix, a childlike robot; and Florence Ambrose, a genetically engineered "Bowman's Wolf" (an anthropomorphic canine). The comic's seven years has so far covered only a few days' activity in the story.

Stanley began writing and drawing Freefall on 30 March 1998 as a feature for the occasional furry zine, Yarf!, with the intent of telling the actual story behind the characters, some of which also appear at the Cross Time Cafe. (comic - more...)