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Quentyn returns home after his most recent escapades

Tales of the Questor is a webcomic by Ralph Hayes, Jr., who is also the creator of Nip and Tuck and Goblin Hollow. It tells the story of Quentyn, a young 'Rac Conan Daimh' who grows up as a farmer's son in the land of the Seven Villages, a place set in pseudo-medieval times.

The Rac Conan Daimh (a race of anthropomorphic raccoons) are the wielders of a power called Lux which has magical properties, such as telekinesis. Quentyn has almost no Lux himself, which leaves him in an awkward position in his community. Enchanted by the adventure stories he reads of the adventuresome Questors, he aspires to live up to the heroic characters he idolizes. This is not immediately welcomed by his community, as the office of Questor has been vacant for over a century.

Quentyn receives encouragement from a magical white stag who appears to him while he is contemplating his future. With the combination of a malfunctioning magic sword, a night of drinking, and stumbling into a wizard's workshop, he goes off in search of his future. (comic - more...)