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WikiFur is edited by a collegial body of contributors. While anyone can contribute, certain technical powers are restricted to prevent abuse.

These powers are exercised by curators, who lead article development, advise on policy and implement consensus-based community decisions.

Colleagues and curators

Colleagues are trusted users who can protect and delete articles, block and rename users, and make site-wide changes of the kind normally reserved to administrators.

Contributors become colleagues through sustained collaborative activity in accordance with WikiFur's shared purpose - editing articles, helping other users, and resolving policy questions. Once there is consensus to name them a colleague (as determined by a bureaucrat), they retain that status until they resign or are removed through consensus.

Colleagues willing and able to assist others are called curators. No colleague is required to serve as a curator; if real life intervenes, they may step back, and resume duties later.

The curator's role

WikiFur uses the terms curator and colleague to emphasize editorial duties and consensus-based decisions.

A curator's primary goal is to improve content and its presentation. Their secondary goal is to act as mentors and examples to other contributors.

Curators are not universal experts, nor is it their job to 'determine truth' in a content dispute. They may act as mediators, but are not required to.

Other roles

When to talk to a curator

On a wiki, you are expected to work with others to make decisions, collectively determining site policy. If in doubt, do what you think is right, leaving a descriptive edit summary and a note on the talk page. If nobody disagrees, all is well. If not, work with them to figure out a solution.

If you don't know how to do something, have a personal conflict which you can't resolve, or feel a page should be protected or deleted, contact a curator by leaving a message on their talk (discussion) page or sending them an email. Check recent changes to see who's around - failing that, talk to GreenReaper. (You can also try WikiFur chat, but please be patient.)

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