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This is an archived copy of Wikipedia's article about WikiFur prior to the article's deletion. Please do not modify it (except to fix things that are now broken). --GreenReaper(talk) 00:29, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

{{Infobox Website
| name = WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
| logo = [[Image:WikiFurLogo.png|WikiFur's logo]]
| screenshot = [[Image:Wikifur14july2006.png|right|250px|WikiFur front page]]
| caption = WikiFur front page, [[July 14]], [[2006]]
| url =
| type = Fan site / [[Wiki]]
| registration = Optional
| owner = WikiFur community
| author = [ Laurence Parry et. al.]
| launch date = 26 July, 2005
| slogan = By furries, for furries, about furries
| current status = Active
'''WikiFur''' is a [[wiki]] created by and for the [[furry fandom|furry community]], founded in July 2005 to represent furry culture and history.<ref name="AnimalPassions">{{cite news|first=Melissa|last=Meinzer|url=|title=Animal Passions: The furries come to town — and our correspondent tails along|publisher=[[Pittsburgh City Paper]]|date=[[June 29]], [[2006]]|accessdate=2007-05-25}}</ref><ref name="ACME">{{cite paper|title=Loving . . . Whatever: Alienation, Neoliberalism and Pet-Love in the Twenty-First Century|url=|author=Nast, Heidi J.|publisher=ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 5 (2), pp 300-327|date=October 2006|accessdate=2007-10-04}}</ref> Like [[Wookieepedia]], [[Memory Alpha]] and other fan encyclopedias, WikiFur covers topics which rarely meet [[Wikipedia]]'s [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|verifiability]] standards.<ref>''[[WikiFur:User:GreenReaper/WikiFur - A home for the furry community|WikiFur - A home for the furry community]]'' (4 August 2005) — the initial proposition for WikiFur. Retrieved on [[2006]]-[[November 1|11-01]].</ref>

WikiFur's userbase primarily consists of furry [[Fan (aficionado)|fans]], and content focuses on points of interest for the fandom, including [[virtual community|virtual communities]], [[comics]] and other [[Mass media|media]] relating to [[anthropomorphism|anthropomorphic animals]]. Regular events and [[:Category:Furry conventions|furry convention]]s like [[Anthrocon]] and [[Further Confusion]] are [[WikiFur:Category:Conventions|also covered]]. Editors are permitted to contribute to articles about themselves as long as they comply with the [[Objectivity (philosophy)|neutral point of view]] policy.<ref>[[WikiFur:WikiFur|WikiFur article on WikiFur]]. Retrieved on [[2006]]-[[November 1|11-01]].</ref> All text content is licensed under the [[GNU Free Documentation License|GFDL]], with news also available under a [[Creative Commons licenses|Creative Commons Attribution license]].<ref>[[WikiFur:WikiFur:Copyrights|WikiFur copyright information]]</ref>

WikiFur was initially hosted by [[Wikia]], and become one of their larger and more active wikis, being featured in December 2005.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=WikiFur featured entry on Wikia|date=December 2005|accessdate=2006-11-01}}</ref>. The site moved to its own hosting in August 2009.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=News:English WikiFur moved to|author=Parry, Laurence|publisher=WikiFur|date=2009-08-17|accessdate-2009-09-28}}</ref> It had over 11,000 articles as of September 2009,<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=WikiFur site statistics|author=WikiFur|accessdate=2009-09-28}}</ref> and is listed on the [[Ursa Major Awards]] ''Recommended Anthropomorphics List''.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Recommended Anthropomorphics List|author=[[Ursa Major Awards]]|accessdate=2009-09-28}}</ref>

Three weeks after its foundation, WikiFur was selected as [[Something Awful]]'s Awful Link of the Day.<ref>{{cite web|title=Awful Link of the Day|work=[[Something Awful]]|date=2005-08-15|url=}}</reF> Massive [[vandalism]] ensued, but the boost in traffic allowed rapid growth. More orthodox attempts at [[Promotion (marketing)|promotion]] have included the distribution of [[Flyer (pamphlet)|flyers]], [[ribbon]]s and [[membership card]]s, and the use of [[Google]] [[AdWords]].<ref>{{cite web|title=A Tale of Two Wikis: Techniques for building, managing and promoting collaborative communities|author=Parry, Laurence|work=Proceedings of [[Wikimania|Wikimania 2006]]|url=}}</ref> Active [[Internationalization and localization|localization]] projects exist in Czech, German, French and Portugese.<ref>[ Hlavní strana - WikiFur Czech]</ref><ref>[ WikiFur Leitseite - Deutsches WikiFur]</ref><ref>[ Accueil - WikiFur Français]</ref><ref>[ Página principal - WikiFur em Português]</ref>

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