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Width and Depth was a fantasy role-play MUCK with non-anthropomorphic characters, including prehistoric, mythical, and power-wielding species.


[edit] Rules

Width and Depth has no character limits except that each player "may have TWO mythical creatures. They are also application received only."[1] "interspecies Mating is a No", except for "species within a specific category" such as Tiger and Leopard, or Wolf and Coyote.[1] TS is forbidden, as is " vulgar profanity or explicit sexual activity in public areas", and "immature" behaviour.[1]

[edit] Staff

[edit] Wizards

  • Tilyn - Headwiz/Building/Characters
  • Ninebirds - General/Help Wiz/Building
  • Rhapsody - Programming
  • Xipil - General Wiz/Dinosaur & Mythical Creature specialist

[edit] Helpstaff

  • Ahote - General Help
  • Iximo - General Help
  • Softpaws - General Help / MPI / TP/RP's / Server Maintenance

[edit] Groups

  • The Elders Council - Five Elite of Eilian.
  • ShadowStalkers Raptor Clan - Alpha Nightstalker
  • Stylianos Clan - General-King Mkhai
  • Tenebrae - Dark Dam and Second Kantutha

[edit] References

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