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The piece was featured on the BBC News front page

Who are the furries? is an article from the BBC about the furry fandom written by Denise Winterman on 13 November 2009. Quotes in the piece came from Fred Patten, Mark Merlino, Marshall Woods, Ian Wolf, Kathy Gerbasi and TaniDaReal.


The article explains in laymans terms what the furry fandom is. It features references to conventions, fursonas, fursuits, art, yiff, studies into the fandom, other media coverage. The article has been given a positive reactions from most people in the fandom, believing the article to be fair and balanced.


On the Fur Affinity Twitter account, a post was written saying that their reaction to the article was, "Overall, very positive."[1]

The article was also well-received on the UKFur forums,[2] FurteanTimes.com,[3] and SciFiFur.net.[4]

FurteanTimes.com, which was mentioned and linked to in the article, said that as a result of the extra publicity that visits to the site increased by 254% from the same time the previous week.[5]

Mainstream reaction[edit]

Outside of the fandom, Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan, most famous as the creator of Father Ted and The IT Crowd wrote about the article on Twitter saying: "Actually reading the Furry piece now. Dear God. It's like staring into the sun. A sun made of geek. I can only read a bit of it at a time."[6]

The BBC relinked to the article in their "10 things we didn't know last week" section, listing the fact, "Porn for the furry community is known as "yiff"."[7]

The article was nominated for the 2009 Ursa Major Award for "Best Other Literary Work".[8] It was the first journalist's article to be given a nomination.[9]


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