Who You Really Are

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Who You Really Are is a song from Balto II: Wolf Quest and can be described as a lifestyler/therian/otherkin song, as it is about a husky that discovers truly, she is a wolf, and the lyrics detail a "journey" to find out who one truly is. It also brings up totems.


You must go to the east, go to the west, The road is rocky and the way is far. It's a dangerous trail, a difficult quest, If you want know who you really are.

There are voices all around you, To comfort and to guide you. Fathers and teachers, Powerful creatures. And the voice that sings inside you.

Or you can turn back around, Run along home. Back to the place where your friends are. Perhaps that is best, You need to rest. Who wants to go on a ridiculous quest?

Unless you want to know, You truly want to know, Unless you want to know. Who you really are. Who are you? Who are you?...