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White Paw (born November 10)[1] is a fursuiter and therian who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.[1]. His fursona is primarily a grey wolf, and he also has an otter fursona named Oliver and a rat fursona.


White Paw has been a therian all his life, and in the furry fandom since the mid-1990s.[2] He was drawn to anthropomorphic animals from a young age.

White Paw is into "Wet and Messy" activities, enjoying such things as mud, quicksand, shaving cream, being hit with pies, and slime. His YouTube channel features videos of him wearing the fursuit Swamp Fox (owned by fellow fursuiter and builder Swampy T. Fox) whilst sinking into mud or being pied.


White Paw has attended several conventions and furmeets, including:[2]


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