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whines (born August 26, 1969),[1] also known as Josef Ricketts, is an artist and fursuiter. He lives in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.,[1] with his partner, Fades. His fursona is a hyena.

whines' work has appeared in the first and third issues of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics,[2] some early issues of 'The Tai-Pan Project' APA, and illustrations for an article in 'Passionate Living' about cyberspace. His art frequently features fennecs (and hyenas to a lesser extent), and tends to be silly cartoons.

whines is a regular attendee of Furry Fiesta and has art in the artshow there and sometimes in the conbook. The past few years he's been doing lighting for the dances along with Redfox.

whines is active in the local furry community and hosts a weekly gathering for artists at his home in northeast Austin. He is a moderator on the Furnet #texasfurs IRC channel and can frequently be found there during the day.

whines constructed his own fursuit, which debuted during Halloween 2013.[3]

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