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Fursuit group photo from When Furballs Strike 12, featuring a then-record 62 fursuiters and 194 total attendees. Kijani founded the meet in 2008.

When Furballs Strike (WFS) is a large fursuit-friendly bowling event founded and organized by Kijani. It is generally planned every 3 months at Kenmore Lanes in Kenmore, Washington state, offering several hours of bowling for furry fans and fursuiters alike.

In December of 2008, Kijani organized the first major fursuit bowling meet in the greater Seattle area, When Furballs Strike, at Kenmore Lanes[1] in Kenmore, Washington, with 40 attendees.

Since then, meets have been held approximately every 3 months - with attendance rates steadily rising. As of 2017 February 25, When Furballs Strike 26 with 308 attendees[2] holds the world record for most furries attending a bowling meet.[1]

As of 2017 March 28, the latest WFS was WFS 26 which was held on 2017 February 25.[2]

When Furballs Strike features a prize raffle that gives away hundreds of dollars in gifts to meet attendees, and an after-bowling dinner party at a local Old Country Buffet restaurant.


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