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The Western Anthro Rendezvous (W.A.R.) was a furry convention proposed for the area of Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. It was planned for May 24-26, 2013, at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah, with lodging at the neighboring Hilton Garden Inn Layton.

The theme of the first year was to be "Furries Goes West", and the Guest of Honor would have been Sidian Silverhawke.

By early February 2013, the convention was cancelled. The website stated:

Western Anthro Rendezvous
Con is Cancelled

We apologize, but for various reasons, the convention has been cancelled this year. If you registered, we will be returning your registration fee in the next couple of months. We’d also like to repay you if you made any hotel reservations and incurred a fee — send us a receipt, and we’ll cover you.

Thank you for your past support.[1]

Western Anthro Rendezvous

The previous item on the website, posted January 31, 2013, stated "Hotels are available for reservations today! We have a room block in the main hotel, and we’ve managed to get a very nice price for them."[2]


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