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West Corner of The Park (WCOTP, colloquially just the park) is a location on FurryMUCK dubbed by regulars as the "Center of the Furryverse". The park is a PG-13 area, and includes a bulletin board and links to other areas of the park. It is a major location for many furs to congregate at, being the first place a user as a guest gets dropped to when they are released from their holding area. It is the place to chat, idle, and ask for general help all in one place. While role-playing used to occur frequently there, it has been less prevalent over the years as FurryMUCK's player base matured.

All newly-created characters on FurryMUCK, including guests, appear in the West Corner of the Park after they appear under the Bandstand. When a player's furry character appears in the Park, he or she can type the command around to move to the Character Setup area, which is located on the other side of the Bandstand.

Due to its location, the Park Message Board is the most widely-read message board on FurryMUCK. Furs can read and post to the board from the West Corner of the Park; though if a fur wants to read the board and write in private, he can type the command board to step closer to the board and leave the same area as the other furs in the Park.

The longevity, popularity, and high number of furs spending time in the West Corner of the Park has given rise to a large number of role-playing TinyPlots. A number of these TinyPlots have involved the comings and goings of furry characters who make regular appearances in the Park.

Many furs in the Park have moved in the wrong direction and accidentally fallen into the Pond. (Some of the wizards have made sport of tossing unsuspecting furs into the Pond...or certain furs who they like having fun with). Although it was never actually added to the official description of the Park or the Pond, it was generally agreed among furries that the large number of furs tossed into the pond over the years caused it to become polluted and unhealthy. (As some furs occasionally commented, "would you want to swim in the same pond as Triggur and Lumpy?") In the year 2000, the wizards engaged in a massive "cleanup effort" to make the pond pure and healthy again. The slide to the pond was also added at this time.

Some regular furs will point to an unofficial bare spot in the grass, noting the spot where Lumpy once sat and idled until he was toaded.

Other parts of the park[edit]

  • North Corner of The Park: includes FurryMUCK Tourist Information Board
  • East Corner of The Park: includes Book of Condolence for the events in the US on 11th September 2001 and Gazebo (a gateway to alternate versions of the park)
  • South Corner of The Park: contains Bulletin Board Annex (preferred by those who prefer reading undisturbed by conversation)
  • In the Pond
  • The Bandstand. It includes a plaque: "The Park, designed and built by Ashtoreth, 8/90."
  • Under the Bandstand. This is the default home for new players on FurryMUCK. Players are encouraged to find a home elsewhere: "Anyone here for more than a month WILL be recycled." This policy is somewhat regularly enforced.

There is also a comic with the same name, by Jim Groat, a.k.a. Rabbi_Tom, based on happenings there.

WCOTP has daily rhythms. There are (US Eastern Standard Time) morning and night crews as furs come and go. At EST midnight and later, the PG-13 rating usually goes to an R with little complaint, while EST 7 a.m. or so means it's time to be more "family friendly".