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WereScape, is a cloud based streamed virtual environment (virtual world) which is similar to other virtual worlds but far more modern featuring immersion as one of its core tenets. As of February 2022 the project has plenty of funding to see it through to beta which is expected to begin in mid-March 2023. Some of the features WereScape will include are the most life-like graphics of any virtual world platform, live portals (yes like Portal the game), realistic weather with accumulating rain/snow, ability to tunnel into the terrain, make caves, overhangs in the terrain, and much more. WereScape will also eventually have oceanic and space simulation as well.

WereScape uses Unity (2021.3 + HDRP) along with a spatially aware node based topology system called SectorSpace and much of the environment is generated within the viewer itself by using a seed driven wave function collapse algorithm and any modifications made to the environment such as removal of flora and terrain modifications are stored as edits or deletion lists which are loaded by the viewer based on player position and all modifications are made well in advance of the player reaction them render wise.

September 2023[edit]

Work on the local file system caching and the file checksum hash checking is now functional so that files no longer need to be downloaded from the service each time they are requested. Once a couple of bugs are fixed we will be proceeding with adding new features again. By current loose estimation, beta might begin around New Years as long as things continue to move smoothly. We have also got the custom wind shader working which can be updated on the fly by the weather system functioning nicely.

As of September 12, 2023 the project has been rebranded and no longer has any association with the Furry Fandom.

January 2023[edit]

In mid-December 2022 work began on the asset and inventory service which is on-going still as of January 2023. The ability to upload 3D models complete with materials and textures in a single FBX/GLTF/GLB file is functional as well as the ability to drag n' drop said models from inventory into the scene with basic owner only permissions at this time.


In March 2022 Danger began actual work on the project building it in Unity as at that time Unity was the only engine that provided all the resources needed as well as the ability to load remote 3D models, texture, etc.


In 2013 Danger started work on a small virtual world called WereScape which was based on HTML5 and BabylonJS but it was determined due to the single threaded nature of web browsers (at least at that time) made it impossible to develop due to when the textures for models were being loaded a single texture being loaded was enough to block the entire thread causing huge lag spikes if not entire freezing while they were being loaded.


WereScape originated as a virtual world plan by Danger as Virtual Fandom back in 2008 which was using Open Simulator but was abandoned due to a really bad bug with Open Simulator at the time which prevent more than 17 people to be logged on to the entire grid at any given time, a bug that was fixed by 2009 but the project had already been canceled and Danger didn't have the means to restart the project at that time.

Virtual Fandom, was a Furry Community Mega Portal and 3D MMORPG that was specifically geared to the furry fandom. It was the second known attempt to create an explicitly furry-oriented virtual world chat client since Yimu3D. WereScape allowed it's member community to add, edit and delete News articles, Blogs, Events Calendar submissions and also had a user gallery system and customizable user page system.

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