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WelshFurs is the name given to all furries living in Wales in the United Kingdom, though the term is mostly applied to those in Cardiff.

SouthWalesFurs meets have been running monthly since around 2006 and have seen numbers grow ever since. As of June 2015, the SouthWalesFurs - extending from Monmouthshire to Pembrokeshire and up into the South Wales Valleys - sees over 50 regular attendees and over 200 members within the Facebook group.

FurTheMoment is the new official fur meet of Cardiff, taking the place of Cardiff furs who discontinued their meets in late 2019. Fursuiters and non-suiters alike are very welcome at this meet.

NorthWalesFurs (LlandudnoFurs) established themselves as a community in 2013 and have become successful, especially with the NorthernFurs. Cardiff Furs established themselves in 2015 and regularly have meets on a monthly basis.

There are also a small group of furs who regularly gather for casual meets in Bangor, with another small group of furs gathering for meets in Aberystwyth.


  • Cardiff Furs: FurTheMoment - Cardiff fur meets are held on the first Sunday of the month, meeting at 12pm at The Revolution, 9-11 Castle Street. Meet dates can be found on the website www.furthemoment.com as well as through the regular updates on their Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram - Fursuits are welcome at this venue.
  • LlandudnoFurs: LlandudnoFur meets are held every two to three months. For specific dates, it is best to look into the NorthWalesFurs Facebook group or Twitter. Each meet is themed. Meeting at midday at Llandudno train station, before venturing over to the venue of Mostyn Art Gallery. From midday to 5pm with a fursuiting walk at 1pm. Optional meal at Wetherspoons following the meet. There are artists trading, games tables, general games and activities related to the specific meet’s theme. An art raffle is held at £2 a ticket to cover expenses for venue hire.
  • Swansea Furs: Swansea Fur meets are usually hosted on the 3rd Saturday of each month, collecting members from the train station around 11:30AM - 12PM. Events are posted monthly to their group, Facebook page, Telegram and Twitter. They welcome people from ages 16 up and encourage fursuits, collars, tails, and the like!
  • Aber Furs: An Aberystwyth based group, with an active Telegram and Discord group. IRL meets are often discussed and planned via those channels. If you like anthro animals and are in or around the Aberystwyth area, come check us out!

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