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Welcome to Frappuchinos! is a slice-of-life story series written by Graveyard Greg. Centered around the coworkers of the fictional urban coffee shop Frappuchinos (and the local Ironhorse Gym), particularly the misadventures and trysts of Venti, this series is an exercise for Greg's ability to write short story chapter's in 365 words on a daily basis. It ran from October 26, 2008 to August 10, 2009 on Fur Affinity, and is set in Reno, Nevada in the same timeline as the duration of publication.



  • Reginald "Venti" West (b. March 22, 1974 in Decatur, Alabama) - muscle-bound jackal who works for Frappuchinos and moonlights as an online webcam Exhibitionist. He is 35 years old, 9'3'' tall, weighs half a ton, has a gold-colored nose, a red mohawk and wears red sunglasses with his Frappuchinos apron during his webcam sessions. Weighed twenty pounds at birth, although that may not exactly be related to his personal nickname; was adopted by a hyena family which later moved from Alabama to California.
  • Art Reynolds - lion, co-worker, eventual boyfriend of Venti
  • Otis Katt (b. 1984) - otter from Louisiana, Venti's workout partner, nearly as tall as Venti but a decade younger. Belongs to a large Louisiana family, does not usually date out of his species due to family upbringing but does not let himself absorb speciesist beliefs
  • Damon (b. c. 1988) - bear, co-worker, is platonically interested in Venti although he is 10 years younger than Venti; six feet tall and barely weighs over two hundred pounds. Eventually becomes a boyfriend for six months, but later breaks up with him over suspicions about Venti's relationship with Singa, moves to another city to take a job offer. Returns a year later to Reno
  • Haavard - blue-furred weimaraner dog, sketch artist, art student at local university, uses Venti for a few art modeling sessions, introduces Venti to Kedar, who gives Venti a job at the school library
  • Singa - albino cheetah, friend and ex-boyfriend of Venti (and only "ex" with whom Venti still converses). Eight feet tall.


Venti's family[edit]

  • Shandra West - hyena, Venti's adoptive mother. She and family currently lives four hours south of Reno in California.
  • Theodore "Ted" West (b. 1990) - hyena, Venti's adoptive brother. 19 years old, was outed to Venti and Art by Shandra. Gave his number to Otis.
  • Samuel Gay (b. 1954) - jackal, Venti's biological father
  • Diana Gay (d. March 23, 1974) - jackal, Venti's birth mother. Died the day after Venti was born from a heart attack caused by massive blood loss

Art's family[edit]

  • Eddie Reynolds - lion, Art's half-brother, younger but larger and taller than Art, also aggressively intimidates Art when in close contact
  • Dianne Reynolds - lioness, Art's mother, third wife of Art's polygamous father, of which marriage Art is the only offspring

Venti's other ex-boyfriends[edit]

  • Charles (aka Charlie) - bear, ex-boyfriend of Venti, has a personality which turns off Venti, later joins the gym club to get back into Venti's good graces but then drops out after being told off by Otis. Later returns to the gym with a bit more humility. Ends up dating Alex by end of series.
  • Alexander Jared Nelson (aka Alex or Bronx) - bull, ex-boyfriend of Venti, pulled an embarrassing prank on him which lead to their breakup. Now moved back into town as the photographer for Muscle and Fur, is then transferred to another magazine by the publishing company for unprofessional conduct (i.e., potentially not telling management about shooting at the gym, resulting in a lawsuit against the publishing company by Summer, and overdeveloping - perhaps intentionally - the photos taken of Venti, resulting in Venti being excluded from the first issue of the magazine). Ends up dating Charles by end of series.

Other gym patrons[edit]

  • Max - horse, works behind the desk at the gym
  • Adrian - frog (or "frogger", in homage to the Frogger video games which he played while young), known for promiscuity with gym patrons
  • Blaireau "Blair" Bougon - badger, friend of Venti
  • Daniel - reindeer, Singa's online date

Other Frappuchinos staff[edit]

  • Harv - brown rhino, manager of the shop
  • Rob - another superior at the Frappuchinos chain.
  • Jill - superior at Frappuchinos who warned people of her suppositions about Venti's temperament


  • Jeremy (aka Jere) - otter, patron at Frappuchinos, later goes out on a double date with Otis, Venti and Art. Rubs Otis the wrong way because of how speciesist he is to other people
  • Ginnis - first met Venti at a nude beach, roommate to Tally until the latter committed suicide by self-gunshot wound in the woods
  • Tally - Ginnis' roommate, suffered from clinical depression, shot himself to death in the woods.
  • Terry - cheetah, cousin of Singa, experiences a rift with Singa after having suggested that Singa slip Venti a mickey for a brief sexual fling
  • El Toro - bull, famous wrestler (and son of another famous wrestling bull) of whom Venti is a fan
  • Kedar Lacrosse - chow dog, works at the local university library,
  • "old ermine" - an inventor who told some of the workers of his inventions, including styrofoam bullets. Later accidentally shoots Art in head with a styrofoam bullet, causing a concussion. Has a rivalry with a neighbor.
  • "speciesist jackal" - jackal who called Venti a half-breed while being served, later complained to owners of the Frappuchinos chain about alleged rudeness by Venti due to Venti sarcastically telling him that his coloring (referring to certain parts of his body being colored naturally gold) was natural before the specist jackal left in anger.
  • Joseph - tiger, representative for publishing company behind Muscle and Fur who offers Venti the photoshoot opportunity
  • Summer - red panda, Venti's modeling agent, 30-something years old

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